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Words from Purchasers of Frederica’s Fine Art

Subject: Purchase of your painting “Lotus”!!!!
Greetings: We have lived full time (for the last 12 years) in Osprey, FL, the town just south of Sarasota. Our house there is for sale. We’ve always wanted to live up in the middle of Sarasota, but, till today, had not spent any day time exploring this town, let alone spending some overnights here. We chose to take today to explore the Marie Selby Gardens. My husband spotted “Lotus,” but then walked on to the sunroom. I followed him there and sai, “You know, there’s a painting we need to have.” He said, “I know exactly which one you are speaking of. It’s called “Lotus” and it $250 and we DO need to have it!” That was it! We were – and are – thrilled! No post-purchase coginitive dissonance whatsoever! Only delight that we can come to Selby to retrieve it on 12th August. Your painting’s not even “home” yet, and we are “seeing” it even now! Thank you for all your study and depth of knowledge/understanding that contributes to our delight.
Sincerely, Cecily