Schools / Libraries / Museums Programs & Workshops

I am available for workshops, residencies, programs for museums, libraries, schools, and home schoolers.

Programs presented in Maine 2002-2020

Blue Hill Library Workshops

Kamishibai Storytelling
Ikebana Flower Arranging
Kokeshi Doll Creation
Japanese Paper Dolls
Poetry Boxes
Write a Haiku Scroll
Beautiful Packages
Create Cave Art

Blue Hill Library Exhibits

Assembled Words
Kintsugi – the Beauty of the Imperfect
Traditional Japanese Clothing
20th Century Japanese Pottery
The Haiku Project Exhibits
3 Sumi-e Artists
Tibet Series Exhibit

Sumi-e Exhibits Brooksville Library

Haystack Mountain School of Craft

Sumi-e in the Studio
Mentor Program

Brushstrokes for Blacksmiths Workshop with Doug Wilson

Marshall Studio and Wilson Forge

Marshall Studio

Brushstrokes for Potters
Woodblock Print Making
Tibetan Sand Painting and Mandalas
Sumi-e workshops and classes for adults and families

Sumi-e and Calligraphy Programs

Brooksville Elementary
Bar Harbor Elementary
Trenton Elementary
Blue Hill Consolidated
Camden High School
Deer Isle Elementary School
The Harbor School
The Bay School
Senior College, Ellsworth
The Art Loft Rockland

Art Programs for Homeshoolers

The Children’s Discovery Museum, Rockland

Adult Sumi-e Workshops Camden Library

Seamark Summer Art Camp 2003-2017

Gyotaku Fish Printing
Block Print, Nature Print T-shirts

Morgan Bay Zendo

Sumi-e Workshop

Maine Coastal Botanicals Gardens

Sumi-e Workshops

Email Critiques Online 2018-Ongoing