Reviews & Comments

Dear Frederica,
What happened on Sunday for us lucky participants is beyond words. For me, and several others, that was our first experience with creating a collage. We were bowled over by the process – choosing the images, for some choosing the words, deciding on placement, deciding on blank spaces, learning to use a brayer, and I could go on. What emerged for me was women talking in circles (Surprise!); that had not entered my conscious mind and yet it emerged on the board. That delighted me no end. I am still adding finishing touches. The gathering was just so much more than I had anticipated. The quiet conversations, the interest of the women in each other’s works, the encouragement and suggestions from you – all worked together (like a collage) to give us a meaningful, creative and fun experience. On behalf of all of us who were lucky to attend, THANK YOU.

It is a particular ethos that visitors to Frederica’s studio feel… an ethos of acceptance, of gladness for their presence… she accepts each person just as we are.
Pastor Elaine Hewes, St Brendan Church, Deer Isle

Zoom video of Pastor Elaine Hewes sermon on September 17, 2023 (advance to the 9:25 mark in the video to jump straight to Pastor Elaine Hewes speaking about Frederica Marshall).

Thank you so much Frederica. There is not a painting that I have done recently that my thoughts have not gone back to your teaching. I am stubborn, but you taught with kindness, and knowledge.
Thank you, Carol Ann

You have magic. You turned me into an artist.
Catherine Radix Mansell

This past year I have taught at Camden High School twice, Deer Isle Stonington Elementary, Harbor School, Maine Coastal Botanical Gardens, Tremont School and The National Chapter of the Sumi-e Society in Mobile Alabama as well as my Florida workshops.

I recently taught at Mount Desert Elementary School and this is a 5th grader’s comment:

Dear Frederica Marshall
Thank you so much for teaching us sumi-e painting. It is so calming, every stroke of the brush is very soothing, it lets my emotions flow down the river of ink. At first I thought that it would be very hard but it’s not it’s go with the flow and I love it. So once again thank you. Sincerely, Cole
PS I’m really excited for landscape painting.

After 20,000 students, I’m sure you don’t need any further compliments or feedback, but I didn’t want to leave Deer Isle without expressing my gratitude for your terrific course. It exceeded my expectations in all ways, and I especially appreciated your relaxed and encouraging style, your willingness to help when needed and yet allow me to pursue what took my fancy, and your ability to open my horizons without talking down to me.

Bravo – I hope to continue my studies with you in coming months to achieve my personal best!

Stay well, and have a great summer.
With fond regards,